32-Surah As Sajdah

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Surah As-Sajdah is the 32nd chapter of the Quran. It consists of 30 verses and is classified as a Meccan surah. The surah is named after the word “sajdah” which means “prostration” and refers to the act of physically prostrating oneself in the worship of Allah. The surah emphasizes the importance of worshiping Allah alone and the ultimate triumph of the believers over the non-believers. It also includes verses that remind the reader of the importance of being grateful for the blessings that Allah has bestowed and the consequences of not being grateful. The surah also stresses on the importance of the hereafter and the accountability of one’s actions in the afterlife.

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Surah As-Sajdah with Urdu Translation

Surah as sajdah
Surah as sajdah
Surah as sajdah
Surah as sajdah
Surah as sajdah
Surah as sajdah
Surah as sajdah

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Benefits of Surah as sajdah

Surah as Sajdah (Chapter 32 in the Quran) is believed to have many benefits for those who recite it regularly. Some benefits include:

  • Increases humility and devotion to God
  • Enhances the ability to focus on the spiritual aspects of life
  • Improves the ability to resist temptations and overcome sinful thoughts and actions
  • Brings blessings and protection from harm
  • Aids in the attainment of forgiveness and salvation

It is worth noting that these benefits are believed to come from reciting the surah with understanding and conviction, and not just as a mechanical repetition of words.

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