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The Sehat Card Pakistan, also known as the Sehat Insaf Card, is a game-changing program that aims to provide affordable and accessible healthcare services to the citizens of Pakistan.

Launched under the Sehat Sahulat Program, this initiative offers a health insurance card to eligible individuals, granting them access to a wide range of medical treatments and services.

The Sehat Card is a government-backed health card that has transformed the lives of countless people, ensuring that quality healthcare is no longer a luxury but a basic right for all.

Game changer program

The Sehat Card Pakistan has emerged as a game changer in the healthcare landscape of the country. It addresses the long-standing issue of inadequate access to medical services, particularly for marginalized communities.

By providing a health insurance card, the program has created a safety net that covers a significant portion of medical expenses for cardholders. This has not only eased the burden on individuals and families but has also reduced the financial strain on the healthcare system as a whole.

Benefits of Sehat Card:

The Sehat Card comes with a host of benefits, ensuring that individuals have access to essential healthcare services without worrying about the associated costs. Some key benefits of the Sehat Card include:

Coverage for Medical Expenses

The Sehat Card covers a wide range of medical treatments and services, including hospitalization, surgeries, diagnostics, and medications. This comprehensive coverage ensures that individuals can avail themselves of the necessary healthcare facilities without incurring substantial out-of-pocket expenses.

Wide Network of Hospitals

The program has partnered with numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities across Pakistan. Cardholders can receive treatment at these empaneled hospitals, ensuring a wide choice of providers and reducing the hassle of searching for healthcare options.

Free Medical Treatment

One of the most significant advantages of the Sehat Card is the provision of free medical treatment. Cardholders can receive medical care and treatment without any cost at the empaneled hospitals, eliminating financial barriers that often hinder access to healthcare for low-income individuals and families.

Coverage for Families and Senior Citizens

The Sehat Card is not limited to individuals only; it also extends its benefits to families and senior citizens. Families can enroll for the card, ensuring that everyone in the household can access quality healthcare services when needed. Moreover, special provisions are made for senior citizens, acknowledging their unique healthcare needs.

Hassle-Free Registration and Renewal

The process of registration and renewal for the Sehat Card is designed to be simple and user-friendly. Individuals can apply for the card online or through designated registration centers, streamlining the application process and reducing administrative hurdles.

 Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Sehat Card, individuals must meet certain criteria set by the program. While the specific eligibility requirements may vary, depending on the province or region, the general criteria include:

  1. Proof of Pakistani nationality or legal residence in Pakistan.
  2. Being below a certain income threshold.
  3. Not having any other government-sponsored health insurance coverage.
  4. In the case of family enrollment, providing the necessary documentation to establish familial relationships.

These eligibility criteria ensure that the Sehat Card reaches those who need it the most, prioritizing individuals and families with limited financial resources.

How to Apply for Sehat Card

Applying for the Sehat Card is a straightforward process. Individuals can follow these steps to avail themselves of this invaluable healthcare resource:

  1. Gather the required documents, such as proof of identity, proof of income, and other relevant documents as specified by the program.
  2. Visit the official Sehat card check website or the designated registration centers to access the application form.
  3. Fill in the necessary information accurately and attach the required documents.
  4. Submit the completed application form along with the supporting
  5. documents either online or in person at the designated registration center.
  6. Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the program authorities for verification and eligibility assessment.
  7. If the application is approved, the health Card will be issued to the eligible individual or family, either digitally or in the form of a physical card.
  8. Cardholders will receive information regarding the network of hospitals and healthcare facilities where the Sehat Card can be used.
  9. It is important to note that the Health Card needs to be renewed periodically. Follow the instructions provided by the program to ensure continuous coverage and access to healthcare services.


the Sehat Card program in Pakistan marks a significant stride towards achieving the vision of universal healthcare accessibility for all citizens. Implemented with the aim of providing financial protection and quality medical services to vulnerable segments of the population, the Sehat Card has the potential to transform the nation’s healthcare landscape.

By covering medical expenses for major diseases and treatments, the Sehat Card addresses the financial burden that often prevents individuals from seeking timely medical care. It represents a crucial step towards breaking the cycle of poverty and improving overall health outcomes for millions of people across the country.

Moreover, the program’s emphasis on preventive care and health awareness underscores a commitment to proactive healthcare measures, promoting a healthier and more resilient population. The inclusion of vaccinations and screenings contributes to early detection and timely intervention, reducing the incidence and severity of diseases.

While the Sehat Card has shown immense promise, its successful implementation and long-term impact depend on continued government support, efficient management, and periodic evaluation. Regular assessments and adaptations will be necessary to ensure that the program remains relevant, responsive to evolving healthcare needs, and effectively reaches the intended beneficiaries.

As the program evolves, it is essential to address any challenges or gaps in coverage to make the Sehat Card even more comprehensive and inclusive. By involving various stakeholders, including healthcare providers, policymakers, and communities, the program can foster a collaborative approach to healthcare, enhancing its effectiveness and sustainability.

In conclusion, the Sehat Card initiative represents a significant milestone in Pakistan’s journey towards a healthier and more equitable society. By extending healthcare coverage to those in need and promoting a culture of preventive care, the program has the potential to bring about positive and lasting change in the lives of millions of Pakistanis. Through continued dedication and collective effort, the Sehat Card can pave the way for a brighter and healthier future for the nation as a whole.


What is a Sehat Card?

The Health Card is a health insurance card provided under the Sehat Sahulat Program in Pakistan. It grants eligible individuals and families access to affordable healthcare services by covering a significant portion of medical expenses.

May I use a health card that is in my parents’ name?

The health Card is usually issued in the name of the primary cardholder, who is responsible for the family’s healthcare needs. However, specific provisions may vary depending on the program’s guidelines in different regions. It is advisable to consult the program authorities or check the official website for detailed information.

Why am I not eligible for a Sehat Card?

Eligibility for the Sehat Card is determined based on various factors, such as income levels, existing health insurance coverage, and residency status. If you do not meet the specified eligibility criteria, it could be due to one or more of these reasons. It is recommended to review the eligibility requirements or contact the program authorities for clarification.

How many times can I avail of free medical treatment with the Sehat Card?

The Sehat Card provides coverage for a certain number of free medical treatments, depending on the program guidelines. The exact number of times one can avail free medical treatment may vary. It is advisable to check the program details or consult the Sehat Card helpline for information regarding the specific benefits and limitations.

In the event that I don’t use the card, will the company pay any amount to the cardholder?

The Sehat Card program generally covers medical expenses incurred when availing services at empaneled hospitals. If the card is not used, the program does not typically provide any direct monetary compensation to the cardholder. The coverage is designed to assist with healthcare expenses when needed.

How can I check the eligibility for the program?

To check your eligibility for the Sehat Card program, you can visit the official Sehat Card website or contact the program helpline. They will guide you through the eligibility criteria and provide assistance in determining your eligibility status.

Where can I get my Health Card?

Sehat Cards can be obtained through the official Sehat Card registration centers or online platforms specified by the program. It is advisable to check the official website or contact the program authorities for the exact locations and procedures for obtaining the Sehat Card in your area.

Who is included in a family?

The definition of a family may vary depending on the program guidelines. Generally, it includes the primary cardholder, spouse, and dependent children. However, specific provisions may exist for extended family members or individuals living together as a household. It is recommended to refer to the program guidelines or consult the program authorities for clarification regarding the inclusion of family members.

Where should I lodge a complaint or give feedback about a Health card?

For lodging complaints or providing feedback regarding the Sehat Card, you can contact the Sehat Card helpline or reach out to the program authorities through the designated channels. They will guide you on the appropriate process for submitting complaints or feedback. This ensures that your concerns are addressed and improvements can be made to the program.

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