How to apply or use of sehat card

How to use sehat card
How to use sehat card

After the issuance of health cards, there is a lot of confusion about the use of sehat cards and sehat insaf . Because common people have not complete guidance and knowledge about the use of health cards/sehat cards. Although government officials and different social media platforms clear the procedure to use of health card/sehat card but the general public still unaware about the use of sehat card  

Here I will try to guide you completely about the use of sehat cards and health cards.

Use of Sehat card step by step


Check your eligibility

SMS your national identity card number to 8500, to check your eligibility in the program.


Get your sehat card / health card      

If you are eligible, you can get your sehat card / health card from the card distribution center in your district.


Gather information and documents required

Determine the empaneled hospitals for sehat sahulat program.

Take the following documents when you visit the empanelled government/ private hospital.

  • Health card /  Sehat Card
  • Original CNIC
  • B-Form (In case of child treatment)


Use of sehat card to get treatment                 

After reaching the empaneled hospital you may approach the dedicated SSP representative counter for further assistance. The SSP staff shall verify your sehat insaf card so that you can use of sehat card , and will guide you to the relevant hospital department for the treatment.

use of sehat card


Get the treatment free of cost

the sehat insaf card / Qaumi sehat card shall charge the cost of treatment after the patient has been admitted in the hospital

NOTE: This facility is only available in case of patient needs an admission in the hospital

use of sehat card


Provide feedback                                                                                     

Call us at: 0800-09009, for your feedback. You will also receive a call from the SSP staff to take your feedback for the experience and treatment received.

You can also send us your feedback/complaints through our website feedback form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The family can benefit from the card till the cash limit is over. The additional financial allocation can be made to families in life-threatening conditions. This includes Kidney transplant, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases and Intensive Care. Annually, the allocation each family will get per year would be compensated. .

Yes, you can but only if you are unmarried. If you get married, your parents’ card will not apply to you.

Visit the sehat card/health card counter in any empaneled hospital of your choice to verify your CNIC. After verification of your CNIC, a referral letter will be given to you. This will allow you to avail free of cost, health services in case of admission,.

Any permanent resident of Punjab province can send his/her CNIC number in an SMS to 8500 to check his/her eligibility for the program. The person will get a message within a few minutes, letting him/her know about the eligibility.

Your CNIC is your Sehat Card: If you are eligible, you can use your CNIC card as your Sehat Card. Take your original CNIC when you visit the empanelled Government/ Private hospital. For your assistance 

 A hospital Facilitation Officer (HFO) will be available in the hospital to facilitate the requirements related to admission through “Qaumi Sehat Card”.

If you get admitted to an empaneled hospital and your coverage limit is exhausted, the treatment of your same admission will continue. Similarly, if a beneficiary needs treatment for a life-threatening condition, or for maternity/delivery cases, they shall be provided with the services even if their limit is already exhausted.

You can submit your complaint or feedback on any of the following ways:

  • Call on our toll-free number 0800-89898
  • Email your complaint/feedback to:
  • Register online complaints/feedback on this website on the Contact page

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