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Surah Nuh (Arabic: سورة نوح‎) is the 71st chapter of the Quran. It contains 28 verses and is named after the prophet Nuh (Noah in English). The surah discusses the story of Nuh and his people, who were punished by God for their disbelief and disobedience. It also stresses the importance of belief in God and the importance of following His commandments. The surah ends with a reminder of the Day of Judgment and a call to righteousness.

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Surah Nuh
Surah Nuh
Surah Nuh
Surah Nuh
Surah Nuh

Benefits of Surah Nuh

Surah Nuh (Chapter 71 of the Quran) is believed to have numerous benefits for those who recite it regularly. Some of the benefits of Surah Nuh include:

  1. Increased faith and belief: This Surah is said to increase one’s faith and belief in God and the message of the Quran.
  2. Protection from evil: It is believed that reciting this Surah can protect one from evil and harm.
  3. Improved relationships: Some people believe that reciting this Surah can help to improve relationships with others.
  4. A closer relationship with God: This Surah can help to bring one closer to God and increase one’s spirituality.
  5. Mental peace and comfort: This Surah is said to bring peace and comfort to the mind and soul.

These are just some of the many benefits believed to be associated with Surah Nuh. However, it’s important to remember that the true benefit of reciting the Quran is to seek guidance and closeness to God.

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